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JAC M 47 Semen
  • JAC M 47 Semen

    SKU: 364215376135191

    JAC M47 was sired by JAC WAGYU ITOSHIGENAMI 138 who was a cornerstone sire in the Jac Wagyu breeding program since 2008. His dam JACFC120 is also a foundation dam. The sire and dam of M47 were initially purchased as embryos from Wagyu Genetics Australia.


    M47 offers proven genetics with an unparalleled size and milk combination with an above average marbling. Accuracy percentiles are high across most EBV's.


    • Carcase Weight                                     TOP 1%
    • 600 Day                                                   TOP 4%
    • MCW                                                        TOP 2%
    • Milk                                                           TOP 7%
    • Retail Yield                                              TOP 4%
    • Marbling                                                  TOP 20%
    • Marbling Fineness                                 TOP 23%


    • Self Replacing Index                             TOP2%
    • Wagyu Breeder Index                           TOP 2%
    • F1 Index                                                  TOP 4%
    • Full Blood Index                                     TOP 4%


    JAC M47 is a big boy weighing in at just under one tonne. Saying that he is a gentle giant, easy to handle and manage. He has great feet which is extremely important in Wagyu cattle.


    Highly suitable across all breeding operations looking to improve milk while adding size but not compromising on marbling quality.




      All straws are currently stored at Inverell Veterinary Clinic and will be shipped to your designated storage facility once payment have been recieved.


      No. Straws 0-10 11-20 21-50 50+
      Price/Straw $110 $95 $70 $55


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