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4th Generation


 Farming Business

We are passionate about producing only the best quality products possible, be that Wagyu beef, pasture, grain, hay, or genetics. We are also dedicated to the  responsible stewardship of our farms so that their beauty and productivity will only continue to improve.

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Here at Jac Wagyu Farms, we are committed to producing the best quality commodities possible. So Wagyu was an easy choice for us as it is the worlds best tasting meat. Wagyu production also gave us a point of difference in the market and we were keen to set up our own brand where we could control the quality from the farm to consumers.

This saw the birth of the Jac Wagyu brand. Starting our own brand was a steep learning curve and a lot of work but extremely rewarding. Learning about the meat industry has been invaluable and has influenced what we do at a farm level.

To supply our Jac Wagyu brand, we breed our cattle from industry leading genetics and our own genetics. This has seen us expand our JAC Wagyu stud program to producing premium Wagyu sires, dams, semen, and embryos for sale.

Through careful animal management, the cattle are cared for with a strong emphasis on their nutrition and health. Happy and healthy cows are what we are striving for as they produce the highest quality meat. After weaning our Wagyu are supplementary feed in addition to having access to native and improved pastures.

When the cattle are ready, they then transition into our own purpose built feeding facility. Here, the cattle are feed a custom made ration where their intakes can be carefully monitored. The cattle are checked daily to maintain optimal health and happiness. Our feeding facility is registered with the NFAS and has shade installed over every pen where the cattle can rest during the warmer days.

We grow our own grain and hay which is utilised in our feeding facility. The pens are regularly cleaned and excess manure is stockpiled and aged before spreading over our cultivation paddocks. This has been very successful in insufficiently reducing our reliance on conventional man made fertilizers.  We also use a worm casing based liquid fertilizer, rich in natural nitrogen and good nitrogen fixing bacteria, on our grass pastures.

What we do

A farming enterprise has many different moving parts that all work together.

At Jac Wagyu Farms we are not different. At a farm level, we have our JAC Wagyu Stud, a commercial Wagyu herd for meat production which runs along side our farming program producing grain and hay, and then we have our boutique background program that feeds into our NFAS registered feedlot.



The JAC Wagyu stud has evolved through consultant with some of the best minds in the game. We have purchased leading genetics and also utilised our own genetics with both in line breeding and hybrid line crosses.

Jac Wagyu Crop and Trees


To us our farms are our life and the best place to raise our family. We are committed not only to caring of our soils, flora and fauna but will continue to work hard to improve them. A healthy farm will produce quality commodities and will go on providing a good life for generations to come.

Clevecourt Feedlot


We built our feedlot in 2020 it was registered under the NFAS that same year. The cattle are our number one priority at all times. Our staff use low stress handling techiques, monitor their health and welfare daily, fed quality rations professionally formulated to our special requirements. All the very best for our cattle.

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