There is something in the grass at Jac Wagyu farms. You have to taste it to believe it. That's why we say there is nothing like it.

People say, It's the special non chemical fertilizers they use or is it simply the pristine environment of the Gwydir Valley that Wagyu thrive on. Or is it the low stress management handling techniques, or is it the special breeding program in place.

We say, Put it all together and you are getting warm.

Read what some of our customers have had to say below.


"We were very pleased with the overall quality and variety of the Wagyu beef recently purchased from Jac Wagyu. All our friends who enjoyed it with us remarked on its flavour.

"The quality of the meat is matched by its excellent value for money and ease of purchase and delivery."

Robert & Rhonda Doyle, Wollongong NSW

"I would like to thank you and Ann for including us in your initial mailout to try your Wagyu beef. If you hadn't thought to mail us we would never have known what we were missing out on. Initially, I was a little disappointed to learn that we were not getting any roasts... I love roasts. Well I have to say the extra steaks are very welcome, however the mince that was made from some of what would have been roasting beef is simply out of this world, the best I have eaten and I note there is some premium mince that we are yet to try. Your mince has the best flavour of any mince I have eaten. While I have not yet tried the full range of steaks you supplied, the T-bone and Scotch are magnificent and among the best I have had anywhere travelling USA and Australia (I don't think other countries count in beef production to any degree).

"The product is well packaged for freezing and was easily stowed away. It is a good idea to break down the snags and mince yourself before freezing so that portions can be self-determined.

"Deb and I would like to thank you for the experience and wish you all the best for the development of your product."

Max & Deb, Melbourne

"The sausages are fantastic on the BBQ, they do cause the odd flame though, but cook super quick. We also cubed up some round or topside and marinated overnight and skewered them on the BBQ - fantastic. Mince makes very tasty beef burgers too."

Nick, Sydney

"My family and I are ecstatic with the quality and more than reasonable pricing of your Wagyu beef. We are telling all our friends about Jac Wagyu."

Mat Rogers, Dual International

"These are the best burgers I have ever had. I want your recipe!"

Carl Stefanovic - Today Show - Talking about our Jac Wagyu burgers

"As far as quality goes Jac Wagyu gives the best in the industry a run for their money, and as far as price is concerned, they blow them away. I have worked in restaurants around the world and I can assure you the products from Jac Wagyu would have a place on menus of top restaurants!"

Celebrity Chef, 'Fast Ed' Halmagyi

"Jac Wagyu has an absolutely beautiful flavour and is terrific to cook with."

Celebrity Chef, Dominique Rizzo - Ready Steady Cook
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