Cooking with Wagyu

Jac Wagyu beef has a fantasic taste and Wagyu is considered the world's most tender beef.

To make the most of your Jac Wagyu steak boxes we recommend you store chilled or frozen. When ready to use defrost in the fridge overnight and bring to room temperature before cooking. Remove your Jac Wagyu steaks from the fridge about 15-20 minutes before you want to cook. Butter the steak with our rendered Wagyu fat, not the pan, and set aside. Pre-heat the frypan or griddle until it is sizzling. (Grill barbecues are not the best cooking option due to the marbling melting away and causing flare-ups while cooking.) Add a generous pinch of salt to the steak and place buttered side down in the pan/griddle. Allow to caramelise, butter and salt the top side of the steak and turn after about 2 minutes. We recommend using a spatula over tongs, as your Jac Wagyu steaks can be so tender that they may fall apart. Once cooked, leave the steaks to rest in the pan for a minute. Serve on warm plates and enjoy with a simple salad or seasonal vegies. Note: for our highly marbled steaks (Pure grade) it is not necessary to butter the steak.

When roasting again butter the meat with our rendered Wagyu fat, basting numerous times during the cooking process. Roast vegetables should also be seasoned, turned and basted numerous times as well with the Wagyu Fat.

Wagyu Fat is naturally high in unsaturated fats, for more information regarding the health benefits of eating Wagyu and Wagyu fat see our About Wagyu Beef Page / health benefits of Wagyu.

Jac Wagyu sausages have a unique taste and are gluten free. We can't tell you how many parents have told us their kids don't eat sausages, but they come back for seconds at our house.

Jac Wagyu mince is like no other and you will not be able to go back to other mince once you have tried it. Our mince makes the best lasagne, Shepherd's pie, meatballs and rissoles. A small amount of unsaturated (healthy) fat is released from the mince in the cooking process, but this is easily drained into a small container after the browning stage.

From time to time we will have other cuts available, depending on the season. The Jac Wagyu diced meat is fantastic in casseroles and marinated for kebabs. Short ribs are delicious and finger-licking good. We will also be doing the traditional Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku. Shabu Shabu is finely sliced (2mm) and usually cooked at the table in a broth. You simply wave the meat through the hot broth and as it cooks it releases flavour back into the broth. Yakiniku is sliced at 4mm thick and is also traditionally cooked at the table on a small charcoal or gas burner. It is also well suited to stir fry.

We hope you enjoy.

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